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Top 3 Tips for Women If It’s Your First Time at the Gym

Let’s face it. Women’s Health and women lifting weights is still a relatively new trend. It is still not as common to find women in the weights room, as it is to find guys.   And if you do see a woman in the gym, chances are, she is on some cardio machine … and only that.

This is a pity because lifting weights is crucial for women’s health (muscle mass, bone health, hormonal balance).

So if you are new to the gym, here are the top 3 tips to help you along:


Go for the machines

Machines are beginner-friendly for women as machines are usually designed for one, or at the most, two specific exercises. The instructions are often on the machine itself. If it comes with a seat, well then, of course, sit on it. From there, it’s pretty intuitive where to grab it.

One useful tip is: that the parts of the machine that are adjustable are usually yellow, as the manufacturer’s way of making it user-friendly.

For example, the parts to adjust the seat height or the pin to select the weight would be marked yellow.


Try going off-peak hours, if possible

I hear you. If going into a crowded gym and reading the instructions on the machine makes you feel silly, try going during off-peak hours if that is possible.  For many gyms, that usually means 10 am-12 pm,  and 2 pm to 5 pm. Or if you are a night bird, 8 pm onwards.


Ask for help

Sometimes, it might be the front desk. Some gyms, have trainers walking the floor to help. If you prefer a female trainer, you might be able to spot one (although as a whole, female trainers are still a minority). And if all else fails, invest in a personal trainer.  Hiring a trainer has been proven to be one of the best ways to keep you on track in terms of your training and fitness goals.

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