Value add to your existing exercise professional qualifications and help your clients become bulletproof and stay injury free

Regardless of whether you are working with athletes or recreational exercisers in your network, prevention is always better than cure. There will be numerous opportunities to work with people who are already exhibiting injury symptoms and your work will come in as a solution to the issue, inhibiting the injury from escalating.

The role of a PreHab Trainer is not intended to diagnose or treat injury, however utilizing a systematic process of assessments and processes with exercise as the main modality, you will be able to take a preventive approach and improve the quality of movement; including activities of daily living and sporting performance.

Are you ready to embark to meet the demands of a rising active population and assist them to be injury free?

How to become a PreHab Trainer?

The programme takes the exercise professional through 4-modules:

Module 1:


Module 2:


Module 3:


Module 4:


Upon completion of the 4 modules, there is a multiple-choice exam with 50 questions. Passing requirement is 70% or higher. Upon passing the exam, you will be awarded the specialist title: PreHab Trainer if you already hold an NCCA-accredited certification, otherwise it will be considered as an continuing education programme with the relevant continuing education credits awarded.

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