What is Prehab?

PreHab is taking a preventive measure towards injury prevention, where the goal is to reduce or possibly prevent the non-contact injury from happening. Through a process of non-evasive assessments, the exercise professional can draw out the possibilities of injury that can occur through restrictions or dysfunctions from both static posture and movement patterns.

Through correct neuromusculoskeletal exercises combined with appropriate strength and conditioning, PreHab will allow the body to optimize its full capacity and you will see its benefits through the improved quality of life, being able to participate in activities of daily living, and being able to do your favourite sport or hobbies pain-free.

Why is PreHab Important?

When our shoulder hurts or knee buckles, the general population is made to believe that stopping their activity should be the best measure forward. For others, they turn to treatments based on pseudo technology or resort to over the counter pain-killers.

PreHab is intended to help prevent the injury from escalating and even from it to occur. A common behavior amongst us is to address problems after the fact that it has happened and usually too late, which is a reactive approach. We believe that the key to improved well-being is through the proactive approach, through education and empowerment, that we can bulletproof our bodies from pain from the start.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

–Benjamin Franklin