Welcome to FIT Muay!

Are you a fitness professional looking to add something new and exciting to your repertoire?

Muay Thai-inspired striking and kicking can be a fun and effective way to improve your clients’ fitness, but it can be difficult to learn these skills without a combative background or formal training.

That’s where FIT Muay comes in.

Why FIT Muay?

  • Fitness professionals have traditionally used Muay Thai-inspired striking and kicking as a supplementary or substitute fitness activity for clients.
  • This type of activity brings about cardiovascular benefits and helps improve movement, coordination, and agility.
  • However, without a background in Muay Thai or formal training, fitness professionals may have limited ability to teach these skills effectively.
  • Some fitness professionals learn from peers or hybrid dance fitness programs, but this can lead to poor skill acquisition or incorrect techniques, which can increase the risk of injury for both clients and professionals.
  • FIT MUAY was created to address this knowledge gap and provide a structured framework for fitness professionals to teach Muay Thai-inspired striking and kicking in a fitness context.


  • FIT Muay is a Muay Thai-inspired fitness program that can help fitness professionals differentiate themselves and retain clients.
  • The program is designed for professionals who want to offer Muay Thai-inspired striking programs as part of their exercise programming.
  • It covers fundamental striking techniques that respect human movement and emphasizes proper pad holding techniques and safety.
  • Both FIT Muay Foundation and Level One are SkillsFuture & UTAP claimable.
Fit Muay - Kick


FIT Muay Trainer Foundations*  – 15 January 2023, Sunday

FIT Muay Level One Trainer          –  5 February 2023, Sunday

* Pre-requisite for Level One Trainer


FIT Muay Trainer Foundations –   $380.00

FIT Muay Level One Trainer       –  $420.00

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