WORLD Coaches Academy would not be able to achieve this level of success without the help and support of our partners. We are committed to providing our coaches and trainers with the latest resources available. We have teamed up with the best partners in the industry to deliver the finest education possible to help our professionals impact the world.
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National Instructors and Coaches Association

NICA was formed by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) to be thecollective voice to support freelance coaches and instructors from sports,outdoor learning and adventure, visual and performing arts, fitness andwellness, and enrichment, to strengthen skills, standards and opportunities.

National Federation Of Professional Trainers

NFPT has been certifying personal fitness trainers since 1988. Their organizational mission is to equip trainers and their clients with the education and tools that are needed to address growing health concerns, and to promote fitness around the world. NFPT provides fitness trainers with the educational tools and resources needed to develop and enhance performance skills for the safe and effective training of apparently healthy individuals in a one-on-one or small group setting.

American Council on Exercise

American Council on Exercise is the leading nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization, with the goal to set the highest industry standards, elevate the careers of professionals and help people worldwide make movement their mission. Their commitment is to create global impact and to inspire and facilitate partnerships with policymakers, fitness industry leaders, community organizations and the Healthcare Industry.

International Council for Coaching Excellence

The ICCE is a not-for-profit, global organization with the mission of leading and developing sport coaching globally. ICCE members seek to enhance the quality of coaching at every level of sport. Every day around the world, tens of millions of athletes run, jump, throw, catch, swim, play and participate in other sport activities.The ICCE believes that international collaboration and exchange can accelerate positive change in the realm of coaching development and help these coaches give athletes around the world a chance to pursue excellence.


CoachSG is a Sport Singapore-driven initiative that aims to enhance and support the development of professional capabilities and standards in sport coaching, as part of the Vision 2030 sports Masterplan.

Employment and Employability Institute

e2i is a tripartite initiative of the National Trades Union Congress set up to support nation-wide manpower and skills upgrading initiatives. The NTUC-Education and Training Fund (NETF) was set up to help our working people in skills upgrading and re-skilling under the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP).

The People’s Association

The People’s Association (PA) is a statutory board to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore with the mission is to build and bridge communities in achieving one people, one Singapore. PA offers a wide range of programmes to cater to Singaporeans from all walks of life – connecting people to people, and people and government through a network of over 2,000 grassroots organisations (GROs), over 100 Community Clubs, five Community Development Councils, National Community Leadership Institute and Water-Venture.

We are always looking for partners committed to our mission of helping our coaches and trainers reach their potential. Let us know if you are interested in becoming the next partner to join our roster.